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Team Size: 3

Engine: Unreal

Role: Art Director, Game Designer

Development Time: 20 Weeks

Platform: PC


  • Art Director:
    • Ensuring that assets created for Runeblade fit a consistent predefined style and were implemented correctly within the game engine
    • Developing an asset creation pipeline using Maya, ZBrush, Marmoset Toolbag 3 and Substance Painter
    • Developing a number of custom Smart Materials


  • Game Designer:
    • Developing the core mechanics of Runeblade
    • Creating and maintaining the GDD (Game Design Document)
    • Creating the basic enemy AI using blueprints
    • Assisting with all design and gameplay decisions throughout development including:
      • Enemy creature types
      • Item drops
      • Shop mechanics
      • Player and enemy statistics
        • Damage
        • Movement speed
        • Health
        • Stamina
    • Overseeing and taking minutes for weekly Scrum sessions
    • Maintaining organization and communication between multiple disciplinary teams


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