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Team Size: 2

Engine: Unreal

Role: 3D Artist, Game Designer, Level Designer

Development Time: 5 Weeks

Platform: PC



  • 3D Artist
    • Modeling, unwrapping and texturing assets to fit the artistic vision of Gingerdread; a land made of candy and sweets


  • Game Designer
    • Developing the basic mechanics and features that comprised the stealth gameplay of Gingerdread
    • Compiling the features and mechanics of Gingerdread into a comprehensive game design document
    • Researching and compiling a custom version of Unreal Engine that implemented a noon shader that was necessary for the artistic vision of Gingerdread
    • Developing many of the games core mechanics using Unreal’s blueprint system
      • Basic enemy AI that patrolled between points, chased, stayed within a certain radius of their spawn point
      • Spotlight mechanics which transitioned smoothly and randomly between points and could catch the player


  • Level Designer
    • Creating the initial gray box design for the level using basic static meshes in the Unreal Engine

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